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What is Multiply? Getting started
What is Multiply? Getting started
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Hello and welcome to Multiply! πŸ‘‹
Multiply is an AI-powered Content Management Hub for teams. In Multiply, you can build, share and use AI-powered templates for content creation.

In this tutorial, we'll go through the basics you need to produce consistent, high-quality, on-brand content. A good way to learn about the tool is to try it out and explore different workflows.

Workflows contain AI-powered templates that can be customized.

Here's an example:

With our on-brand content creation workflow (try it here), all you need to do is:

  1. Add your company website.

  2. Click generate.

Multiply will generate a unique brand voice, including target audience and content themes, from the information on your website. Multiply will then use your brand voice, target audience, and content themes to generate different kinds of content. In this case, blog posts, newsletters, press releases and social media campaigns.

This particular workflow contains five different templates:

  1. Brand voice

  2. Blog post

  3. Newsletter

  4. Press release

  5. Social media campaign

Your workflow can contain several different templates for different purposes. In the above case, we have five different templates for different kinds of content we want to produce.

Here's an example of the blog post template:

Templates are built using different kinds of blocks. There are several kinds of block types, like:

  • Text blocks

  • List blocks

  • Email block

  • Website block

  • Number block

  • Date and time block

Here's an example of a website block:

AI-powered blocks

Blocks can be either manual, or AI-powered, like the block below. Notice how this block has an "ai" label next to its name. It also has an "Edit prompt" button, as well as "Regenerate" and "Continue". When you click the generate button, these blocks will start getting populated with content.

Combining blocks into templates

Multiply uses each block as an individual step in a sequence. Let's say you want to create a blog post. In that case, we might want:

  • A good and snappy title

  • An outline of the blog post we're going to write

  • An introduction to the topic in the first section of the blog post

  • The main body text for the actual blog post

Once we've built a template including all the blocks you want, you can now re-use it over and over. When we want to create a blog post, all we need to do is use this template, add a new topic, and Multiply will create a blog post on that topic in a matter of seconds.

Here's an example of a template using AI-powered blocks:

Editing AI-block prompts

Each AI-powered block comes with its own custom prompt. A prompt is like an instruction of what you want the block to do for you. To edit the prompt of an AI-powered block, all you need to do is click "Edit prompt".

Re-using blocks

Once you've created and customized a block, it can be reused in different kinds of templates. Let's say you've created a block called "Title" and edited the prompt in order to generate short, snappy and eye-catching titles for blog posts - this block can now be reused in another template.

Combining templates into workflows

Templates can be linked together, to create a sequence of steps that uses several different templates. We call these sequences Workflows - and now we're back where we started!

Templates can be used individually, and don't have to be linked together. But the real magic of Multiply comes from building different templates that seamlessly link together.

Here's the example we started with, tying it all together:

  1. This "Brand voice" template starts with a website block which reads the content of any website that you add.

  2. The template then has several AI-powered blocks that generate a brand voice based on the content on the website.

  3. Finally, the "Brand voice" template also includes several AI-powered list-blocks which are linked together with other templates. These will generate blog posts, newsletters, press-releases and social media campaigns. All in one sequence.

Collaborate with others

Multiply is built for teams to be able to work together and collaborate together with the power of AI. Invite the rest of your team to a workflow and start producing consistent, high-quality, on-brand content every time.

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